Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey, CHECK IT OUT!!- Fractured Faith (Soul Savers, Book 7) by Kristie Cook

by Kristie Cook
Penned Series:  Soul Saver Series and The Book of Phoenix Trilogy.

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Book 7 (formally titled Faith), in the Soul Saver Series
"Fractured Faith" 
Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance. 368 pages.
Price: $3.99 (at time of post) 
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 Evil reigns the world. Earth’s been ravaged. The only signs humans survived the war come from those who serve the Demons’ army. To continue his conquest of humanity, Lucas prepares to open the gates of Hell and bring Satan himself to the physical realm. 

 With a soul that’s been battered and beaten by both Heaven and Hell, Alexis holds on to a single conviction—her love for her family. Her only mission now is to save her husband’s and her son’s souls. But the Angels have other plans for them all, including a final battle that will determine humanity’s fate. 

 Alexis must dig deep to find the faith she needs to defeat Lucas and the Daemoni and win back the world. And through it all, she’ll discover the answer to the question that has haunted her since the beginning: How far will she go to save the souls she loves . . . and those she does not?
The covers and titles have changed 
for Books 1-7 in the series. 

Read all the revised books by March 31, 2016
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