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Hey, It's A Book Tour for "House of Royals" by Keary Taylor

by Keary Taylor 
Book 1, in the House of Royals Series
"House of Royals"
Genre: New Adult and Paranormal. 224 pages.
Price: $2.99 ebook (at time of post)
Book Link: Click Here
Every town has its history and skeletons, but Silent Bend, Mississippi’s are darker than most. Ruled from the shadows by the House—the immortal Born and their aging, enslaved Bitten—everyone knows not to go out after dark and that the police will never look into crimes involving blood.
Alivia Ryan didn’t know the man who claims to be her father through a will even existed until she inherits the Conrath plantation. Instead of the sleepy house she expects, she finds a mansion and a staff who look at her with fear in their eyes.

Ian Ward tried to kill Alivia the first time they met, and then insisted he train her to defend herself against the House, who he claims will try to manipulate and take her in for their own political reasons. And the growing attraction between them will threaten their lives—Ian is a sworn enemy of the House.

In Silent Bend, people disappear, the threat of a demented King and the legend of his resurrecting Queen hang over everyone’s heads, and proving loyalty means far more than blood. You’d better watch who you trust in this town…
“What are you doing here?” he hisses, pulling me close. His lips tickle my ear. His hand on my waist slips low and his fingers dig into my skin just a little.

The breath catches in my chest and every nerve ending in my body goes crazy. The music surges, and this night suddenly feels too big for me to breathe.

“I’m not lying down and taking a fate I didn’t ask for,” I manage. My fingers cling hard to Ian’s shoulder. I can feel the muscles beneath his clothes tense and tighten. And suddenly, I’m back to the days at his cabin, when he’d come walking out of the shower with only a towel and I pretended not to look. I know what his bare skin looks like, and I’m craving another glimpse.

“They won’t care about a show of good faith,” he says. “Do you have any idea what this party is even for?”

My silence is his answer.

“They throw this party once a year and offer massive amounts of alcohol so that people won’t remember the blackouts that come from being fed on.”

My eyes dart to that door at the back of the room. The blood on the woman’s shoulder. The blood in the corner of the man’s mouth.

“They’re feeding on the party attendees,” I say.

Ian nods. His scratchy cheek brushes mine. “The bite numbs and makes you forget, but people tend to realize they blacked out. A party like this with this much booze, you brush it off. It’s the one time a year they feed freely upon the townspeople. It’s the only way to keep people from asking too many questions.”

It’s terrifying and horrifying, and I’m suddenly wondering if the man was asking me to dance as my turn to be fed upon.

“It’s bad, but I have to do something, Ian,” I breathe.

“Walking into the fire isn’t the way to do it,” he whispers into my ear.
My Rating:  📔📔📔📔
My Thoughts: Vampire Royals, Politics, and Secrets.
      Didn't know what to expect when reading yet another vampire book, but this one was a good one. The main character is in a unique situation and has to play in the dangerous games of vampire politics that will always end with someones death. Having the world be about more than just vampires vs. humans is an interesting twist that adds a whole new layer of complexity that pulls you in and makes you want to read more. 
        Recently bestowed an estate in Mississippi after the death of her unknown father, Alivia Ryan, leaves Colorado to start a new life in Silent Bend. Once in town Alivia begins to uncover the secret the place holds and the dark history she inherited. Alivia decides to take on the problems of the town with the help of the local vampire slayer, Ian Ward, and her loyal estate caretaker, Rath, even if that means inciting the wrath of The House. The biggest unspoken secret of Silent Bend is The House, a group of born vampires who without a Royal are left to rule the town in disgrace. But with the arrival of Alivia and surprise attacks by seemingly rogue bitten, things are about to change forever in Silent Bend. 
       Overall, good book with a strong female lead. That was one thing I really loved about this book, most of the times in vampire books the female protagonist is rather weak and lead by her male counterpart. However, in this story Alivia is strong willed and full of purpose; once she knows who and what she is she decides what to do not letting others dictate her life. Making me say, You Go Girl! Now my only issues with the book were a few plot points which seemed out of place and would stop the flow of the story at times. The scenes did make sense eventually, but could have been placed better for plot structure. The other issue was the relationship between Alivia and Ian, it was stagnant for 1/3 of the book then intense. I never really understood Ian until all of a sudden he spills his guts to Alivia, then they just seemed to click. And they click in the most beautiful Romeo-Juliet way or I should say Buffy-Angel way. So if you are ready to read a book spotlighting a girl entering a world of vampires where she must play into a game of royal politics in a small town in hopes of saving everyone she holds dear; Than this book and series looks like a good one, I know I'm hooked.
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    Keary Taylor
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Keary Taylor grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love. She now resides on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two young children. She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequently keeps her up at night. She is the author of THE EDEN TRILOGY, the FALL OF ANGELS trilogy, and WHAT I DIDN'T SAY. To learn more about Keary and her writing process, please visit her website.

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